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25 June 2024


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An advance invoice is a document, which is issued by the buyer at the moment of paying the advance against the future delivery of goods or execution of service.
An advanced invoice is issued after receiving from the trading partner part or total amount,
not earlier than 30 days and not later than on 15th day of the month coming after the month, when the payment was received.'An advance invoice' (at the title) confirms the payment of the part of total transaction amount, but needs: saving the document identification data,
saving the unique advance invoice number, date of issuing and paying an advance, determining the purchase-sale transaction parties, vendor data, buyer data,
determining the statement of goods and services in advance paid, the name of goods or services, amount and unit, net price, VAT rate, net amount,
VAT amount, pre-tax amount, you also have to calculate the value of all taxes amounts and rates, rates total:
net, VAT, pre-tax, you have to summarize all amounts that have to be paid in digits and words.
You have to insert the information about the method and date of payment you propose, set the method of delivery or pick-up of proposed goods or services, you also can:
write down on the invoice names of persons empowered to issue or pick-up the document, write down additional informations.
Advance invoice must be saved in the program memory or printed.
The saved document may be sent to the recipient via e-mail.
You can not calculate few advances on one invoice, each advance must be a single invoice.
An advance invoice confirms receiving the part of payment before sales, to cover costs related to the execution of transaction.
The VAT tax duty arises at the moment of receiving the payment and not at the moment of releasing the goods or executing the service.