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Products import from the Excel file

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added: 2016-02-03 13:02:57

Another function of our online program is a quick products import from the excel file to the goods database.

This function is very simple to use, because when we add the product we just have to retrieve the ready excel file (pattern), fill it in with required data and import it to the system.

Thanks to this function we can enter to our goods and services database several dozen or several hundred of products at the same time by just one click.

How to import products into

Click the ‘Products/Services’ category and then choose the ‘Add product/service’ subcategory.

After opening the page, go down and click ‘Download import pattern’ link, after a while the excel file with the pattern to fill in all necessary data is opened.

We have to fill in the excel pattern according to the names of adequate columns, it is worth noting that columns are marked in different colours, what makes entering all necessary data much easier.

After filling in all required fields and those that we need, on the add products page we click the ‘Choose files or drag here’ and next we choose excel file with data that we entered.

The system will automatically present us the name and size of the file, for example (product34407-ainvoices net prices.xlsx), next we click ‘Upload’ file, the preloader with the progress of loading will appear, and after finishing of uploading the Excel icon will appear.

The last step is clicking the ‘Send’ button and checking the top alert with information how many products have been imported. After confirming the alert we can go the page with the list of products and now we see all new products added to the service.


What kind of data we can enter during importing of products to the excel file

The service allows to enter to the excel file all data possible to enter during adding new product by the website.

We can choose between:

Początek formularza

Product name: - required

Category: - required (if we do not have any category, the system will create default one)

Manufacturer: - required (if we do not have any manufacturer, the system will create default one)

VAT rate: - required, default is 23%, depending on the settings

Unit: - required

Purchase net price: - our system allows to enter net or pre-tax prices, depending on individual settings

Sales net price: - our system allows to enter net or pre-tax prices, depending on individual settings Margin (%):

Currency: - default is PLN, depending on the settings

Product number: own number

EAN number: 

PKWiU number: enter this number if VAT rate is different than 23%

Rebate (%):


 The amount verification during issuing - (this function do not allow to issue the document if exceeding the stock)

Weight (kg):


Select files or drag them here – Our program allows to upload the image of the product or its URL in case of excel file

Description: - additional product description (useful if selling products in online stores)


The function of entering products to the database by excel file amends and speeds up this action, because in one operation we can very quick create huge products database in our service.

Soon we will also make products export available, which is the ability of downloading from the products database to the excel file.



As always, we look forward to your suggestions and comments about new function Team

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