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Trading partners import from the Excel file

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added: 2016-02-03 13:50:41

Another function is the import of trading partners database from the excel file.

To do this, we have prepared for you a ready excel pattern to download and fill in, which you can find in the place where you add new trading partner.


How to import the trading partners database from the excel file into service

At first you have to log in to your account, choose the trading partners category and then Add new trading partner subcategory.

There is a function Trading partners import from the excel file at the bottom right of the page – Below is the link where you can download a ready excel file pattern to fill in with trading partners.

To download the file click Download import pattern – after a while the window with the option of saving on our computer will appear. After saving the file you have to fill it in according to the presented scheme.

After entering the data to the excel file, we go back to the place where we were downloading the pattern for trading partners import and click the: Select files or drag them here button – we indicate the place of file with data on our computer and click on the selected excel file – click the upload button, after uploading the file to the service the icon   will appear along with the size of content.

Now we click the Send button and if all data is entered correctly we will see the message with information of how many trading partners have been imported to the database.

What kind of trading partners data may be imported

All data .......

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